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      That again was no use: he but got another smile and a friendly look of the sort he no longer wanted.Keeling thought for half a minute, drumming with his fingers on the table.

      Yes, sir, and if youll excuse me, I really think you got it rather cheap.

      "Honest man," said Neville, mildly, "you are described in the king's writ as a bondman of his grace; and two men have this day deposed that you acknowledged yourself as Lord de Boteler's villein, and swore fealty to him in his own court."

      David said no more, but for the rest of the day he seemed glum and abstracted. In the evening Reuben found him sitting at the corn accounts, staring through the open window into the dusk.

      "By my faith, cousin," said he, addressing Thomas of Woodstock, "yonder are the varlets! Do you see how bravely their pennons are waving, and how, here and there, among their black heads, something bright glitters in the sun?"


      "Not the first time the director of a bank has appropriated part of the funds," said the Doctor. "Didn't you find that an orange would buy more cherries or apples at one time than at another?"



      "Look, look!" said he; "what are those beautiful white birds?"